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The Chicken Brothers have taken their Fun’n’Bass antics across Australia, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and their native UK, delighting audiences taste buds with this positive, energetic and refreshing recipe:


Start by breaking a beat into a large pan of warm bass, mash together with a generous helping of vintage inspiration, and a healthy measure of classic tunes. Mix well, with a broad selection of genres, and season for modern sound systems to create a high heat. Serve with maximum energy, epic polyrhythmic turntablism, and a dash of microphone hype and you’ll be sure to garnish the audience with smiles.


Described as being ‘more animated than the entire Disney-Pixar back catalogue’, these two larger-than-life characters are developing into more than just a DJ duo. With an all-you-can-eat offer on culinary puns, and a love of music and fun at their core, the feathered brethren are spreading their multimedia wings to span the globe… these easy going vibemasters always smash the show!

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TCB - Friends and Funily...
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The Funky Chicken - The Chicken Brothers
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The Chicken Brothers & William Breakspear - Round The Twist Remix
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"We love the Chicken Brothers! Not confined by genres they are true festival veterans. Unique and crowd pleasing, what more could you ask for?"

Ghetto Funk HQ | Ghetto Funk Label


"Definitely one of the acts defining the UK sound for vintage remix and the fact they refuse to be tied down to one scene certainly goes in their favour, I love em"

Kaptin Barrett | Head Of Music | BoomTown Fair (UK)


"The Chicken Brothers are the living, breathing essence of the UK party scene, taking people by their puppet strings and showing them the times of their lives!"

Dannie McKenzie | Electro Swing Australia


“I used to be vegetarian…”

Michael Scarlett | Culture Jam (Australia)

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